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You've made the decision to increase your fitness and Shihan Martial Arts is here to help you and your family to achieve your goals for a better quality of life physically and mentally.

Shihan David brings a wide range of expertise ​to his classes for beginners and advanced martial artists. He has concentrated his efforts in teaching martial arts to students of all ages, genders and abilities. Classes are grouped for children 4-12 years old, teens, special needs children, adults, disabled adults, and seniors. His specialized programs are taught on site at after school programs and community centers throughout the NYC metropolitan area and are available for private or home instruction.

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Shihan David Sheeger is the founder and chief instructor of Shihan Martials Arts.  He is a fifth degree black belt with over 28 years in the study and practice of martial arts.  He first studied martial arts in 1986 at the World Oyama Karate head-quarters in NYC under the direct teaching of world renowned karate master Soshu Shigeru Oyama.  Shihan David earned his black belt from Master Oyama in 1989 and then began his mentoring career.

David also holds a third degree black belt in Zujitsu Ryu Jujitsu, a blend of traditional self defense tactics combined with modern training and self defense techniques.

Since then, he has participated as a contestant in numerous national and international tournaments and exhibitions, including many full contact competitions. David continues to be involved in running and organizing tournaments for students as a coach, judge, and chief referee.

As the lead instructor, Shihan David specializes in karate instruction for children ages 3 years and up, with particular attention to children with special needs.  He teaches basic karate techniques and principles to insure sound body and mind development.  Students learn self discipline, selfcontrol, body control, coordination, strength, balance, focus, listening to directions skills, and proper interactions with others all in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Adult karate students are trained in a class environment with rigorous workouts to prepare each participant for full contact competitions.  The Martial-Artsercize class provides a good workout with weight loss directives. Self defense classes are also available for senior men and women therebyimproving balance, strength and coordination, while building an increased sense of confidence, independence, well being, and security.

David Sheeger attended Fordham University in New York, NY and earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1978 graduating Summa Cum Laude.  

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